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Thursday, 30 May 2024

By Mortgage Outlet

Leah Zlatkin and Shawn Stillman quoted in CMP Magazine: ‘Will the growth of alternative lending in Canada continue?’

Mortgage Outlet chief operations officer and broker Leah Zlatkin said building a strong understanding of the space, and lenders’ varying appetites for different deal types, was of paramount importance for brokers.
“There are so many lenders in the MIC space, in the private space – it’s always a good idea to understand what people’s wishes are,” she said. “And each lender has a very specific set of lending guidelines, where they’ll work, who they’ll work with.

“As a good broker and somebody who deals in privates or who deals more in the alternative space, it’s really important to understand exactly what you can do, where to save time for yourself and your
clients when you get an opportunity to.”