Radha Guduru

Mortgage Agent Level 2 #M19001630

Kleinburg, ON

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About me

Being licensed realtor and a mortgage agent, leverage my 10 years of experience and contribution in considering your options and choices whether to sell/purchase your property. I will address not only your current mortgage financing needs but also keeping a strategy for the future in choosing the right mortgage product for you. I will help you to guide better, protecting deals increasingly susceptible to financial turbulence. I always provide continuous support and maintain a professional relationship that builds confidence and trust.  Asking a mortgage agent to arrange a mortgage is different than going to a chartered bank for a mortgage. A mortgage agent represents a large number of lenders — including some chartered banks — and matches the lender’s products to your personal situation. Not all mortgage lenders are created equal. Not all mortgages are created equal. The lowest rate available may not be the best rate for your particular situation.  Lenders have subtle differences in their policies and products. Many offer a standard mortgage as well as a no-frills version.   I will take the time to make sure you understand the fine print before making a big decision. I  will help you to choose the right lender for your situation besides the better rate to avoid any future circumstances. My best interest is in your best interest.