David Hanson

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Mississauga, ON

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About me

As a seasoned Mortgage Broker with licenses in both Ontario and Alberta, my mission is to ensure you receive the best possible mortgage solution for your situation. I take pride in delivering top-notch service and offering strategic advice with speed and precision.

I understand that each client has unique needs, from first-time homebuyers determined to own the roof over their heads to existing homeowners who want to improve their monthly cashflow or credit by refinancing. My expertise also extends to helping passionate real estate investors who want to flourish and grow their portfolios, providing vital housing for renters in the process.

What distinguishes my services is my extensive network and deep industry knowledge. I have connections with a diverse range of reputable lenders, including banks, credit unions, trust companies, monolines, MICs, and private lenders. Let’s connect today to ensure you are empowered with your best options.