December 22, 2017

WOBI with Merix Financial

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In mid November, I was honored to be invited with Merix Financial to the World Business Forum in New York City. Merix has been one of our go to lenders over the past 8 years and we look forward to successful 2018. Thanks to Boris, Jill, Dianne and the rest of the Merix Team for a great time.

The focus of the conference was Humanification –  Let’s focus on people., now and always.

As technology has advanced in recent years it has empowered us in many ways and driving vast improvements in productivity. Now it is time to truly focus on the people that make up our organizations, freeing their potential, integrating technology so that it is at the service of people and not the other way around, and creating products that truly respond to people’s needs.


The World Business Forum brought together top speakers including:

Michael Phelps: Taking high performance to the maximum level.
 Michael E. Porter: Creating Shared Value: The New Strategy for Competitive Advantage.
Anthony Bourdain: On exploration, innovation and challenging the conventional.
– Jonah Berger: Invisible influence and the forces that impact consumer behavior.
Stephen M.R. Covey: Measuring trust to make your organization thrive.

There were many highlights and many things I took away, but the one think that stuck in my mind was how Stephen Covey clearly explained how more trust you have in your company the more successful it will be, trust needs to be given for it be earned.

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